You have created a great business website for your new and existing customers and you are spending money on marketing to drive people to this website.

You have seen the world rapidly changing and consumer demand for online booking services is growing rapidly and to cater for Millennials and customers whom don’t have the time for a phone call you have decided to select and use an online booking system for your business.

Your new and existing customers that come to your website will then be able to book and pay for your services with a click of a button.

So how do you decide on which online booking system is best for your business?

Here are some things to consider:

Easy to use system. To get the most out of your online booking system it needs to be very easy to use for staff, customers and management. The system should be able to be quickly understood and then used by anybody. As a guideline if someone can understand and use face book then they should be able to understand and use the online booking system you select.

Easy to set-up. You need to be able to quickly set-up your online booking system without complicated instructions or an IT degree.

Connect seamlessly to your business. The online booking system needs to be able to easily connect to your existing day to day work practices. It has to offer an interface with Microsoft outlook, your website, client management, sales and marketing and reporting practices. Select an online booking system that only makes your existing business better.

Find industry specific software. Hair Salons, Travel Management, Restaurants, Doctors and Dentists all have industry specific online booking system options. Warning that some of the features of these systems are unnecessary and succumb to feature-creep, meaning these programs tend to do a lot of things beyond scheduling your appointments. It is a strategy of including these unnecessary features to increase the cost.

It is better to find an easy to use and well reasonably priced online booking system that is based in Australia and then the system can be quickly and easily customized or tailored to your business needs.

Target specific features. It can be a common time wasting mistake to target specific features in an online booking system prior to purchasing one. People regularly purchase computers and software and pay for functions that they will never use. The online booking system you select should be very easy to set-up and used by all staff, customers and management.

Try before you buy. I would test drive the online booking system for a month before licensing the software. Find a booking system provider that will give you a free one month trial then you can monitor how your customers, staff and managers use the system and then target specific features from there feedback. Certain providers can add features that you select so you then create a customised online booking system for your business.

Wondering how much online booking system will cost?

If you’ve spent time looking for options online, you’ve probably seen that it’s often difficult to pin down the cost compared to the features and return on investment.

Find an online booking system that will give you at least a one month free trial.

Find an online booking system that is very easy to use and can be set-up in a matter of minutes. If you obtain just one online booking through your website a month from a new or existing customer you have justified the cost and use of an online booking system for your business.

After you finish the one month free trial you can work out how best to increase the return on investment by taking in consideration the following:

  • If it is easy to use then staff and customers will save you time and money by better, easier and faster communication.
  • Management will create more return on investment by using online booking reports on staff to run their business more efficiently.
  • Repeat business sales and better marketing can be achieved by evaluating customer booking reports.

To increase the return on investment purchase the online booking system from an Australian owned and operated company that will be able to quickly, easily and cost effectively customize the system to your specific business needs.

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